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International Workshop on Cloud Turbulence

March 4 to 6, 2015

Nagoya Institute of Technology, Nagoya, Japan



Clouds are a key factor in weather forecasting and climate prediction, yet our knowledge of clouds is surprisingly limited. Inside clouds, the air flow becomes turbulent; it transfers, mixes, and entrains heat, vapor, and large numbers of aerosols, ices, cloud droplets, and rain drops. At the same time, these modify the dynamics of the turbulent air flow through various complex coupling processes. Recent dramatic progress in experimental and computational fluid dynamics and in situ observation of the atmosphere provides unprecedented means to acquire detailed knowledge of turbulence dynamics, mixing and transfer of heat and mass in clouds. In this international workshop, leading scientists in this field will meet to review these developments, discuss how to deepen our understanding of the dynamic processes in clouds, and develop new, wider perspectives on the problem.

Invited Speakers

Bec, J. (Nice)

Fujiyoshi, Y. (Hokkaido)

Gotoh, T. (NITech)

Malinowski, S. P. (Warsaw)

Hashimoto, A. (MRI)

Onishi, R. (JAMSTEC)

Tsuboki, K. (Nagoya)

Schumacher, J. (Ilmenau)

Shaw, R. A. (Michigan)

Shima, S. (Hyogo)

Yeung, P. K. (Georgia Tech)

Yoshino, M. (Shinshu)


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Nagoya Institute of Technology (link to NITech campus map)

Lecture room I1 (2F), in Bldg.2  (March,4)

Meeting room (2F), in Auditorium (March 5,6)

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