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NITech Lectures on Turbulence and Cloud

NITech Lectures on
Turbulence and Cloud

March 8 to 9, 2018

Nagoya Institute of Technology, Nagoya, Japan



Cloud and turbulence are important keys in weather forecasting and climate prediction. Inside cloud the turbulent air flow transfers, mixes, and entrains heat, vapor, aerosols, ices, cloud droplets, and rain drops. At the same time, these modify the turbulent flow at wide range of scales, which is a highly non-linear non-equilibrium complex phenomena, cloud turbulence. Owing to advances in measurement, observation and numerical simulation, recent progresses in studies of turbulence and cloud are dramatic. However, there have been less opportunities for the people of the turbulence and the meteorology to sit at the same table to study this fascinating and challenging phenomena. For promoting future collaboration and further development of understating of the cloud turbulence it is essential and important to have place to learn the fundamentals of turbulence.

The purpose of the present set of lectures is to provide opportunities to learn the fundamental knowledge and current status of researches of the turbulence and cloud, especially for students and young researchers who are interested in turbulence and cloud. The lectures are distinguished scientists of turbulence and cloud microphysics. Also six lectures by the leading scientists of turbulence, cloud, and related phenomena are to be given.

Invited Lecturers

Raymond A. Shaw (Michigan Technological University)
Seong Soo Yum (Yonsei University)
Alain Pumir (Ecole normale superieure de Lyon)
Kentaroh Suzuki (University of Tokyo)
Takashi Ishihara (Okayama University)
Keigo Matsuda (Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology)
Yousuke Sato (Nagoya University)
Takeshi Watanabe (Nagoya Institute of Technology)
Izumi Saito (Nagoya Institute of Technology)


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